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Sarah's arrangement of Gartan Mother's Lullaby (SSAA, a cappella) is published by Pavane Publishing.
If you would like to order it, or listen to it, please go to Pavane Publishing and search for "Gartan".

Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella (SSAA, a cappella) is published by Cypress Choral Publishing.

Many other arrangements and compositions are available through Sheet Music Plus (SMP),
and more are being added regularly. Check back soon!

Piano Solos

Ghostlight (2011)

Ontogenesis (2013) - sheet music - recording (Sarah Jaysmith, piano)

Choral Works

All works acappella unless otherwise specified.

SSAA - Original Compositions*

The Endless Candle (SSAA, 2013)

Waiting For The Sandman (SSAA, 2015) - sheet music - recording (Sweet Scarlet)
commissioned by Sweet Scarlet

SSAA - Arrangements

Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (SSAA, 2015) - sheet music
commissioned by Elektra Women's Choir (2015), published by
Cypress Choral Publishing (2019)

featured on Silent Night, a Christmas CD by Elektra Women's Choir (2018)

(video of Elektra Women's Choir performing this piece here)

Fever (SSAA, 2016) - sheet music
commissioned by Sweet Scarlet
(video of Sweet Scarlet performing this piece here)

Gartan Mother's Lullaby (SSAA, 2015) - published by Pavane Publishing, US$2.35
(video of Elektra Women's Choir performing this piece here)

The Rose of Tralee (SSAA, 2013) - sheet music - recording

SATB - Original Compositions*

24 Days (SATB and piano, 2007) - MP3

Air Conditioning (SATB, 2007) - MP3

Another Spring (SATB, words by Christina Rossetti, 2014)

Bite The Bullet (SSATTB, 2010) - MP3

The Blackbird of Derrycairn (SATB, words by Austin Clarke, 1995) - MP3

Blood On The Snow (SATB, 2007) - MP3

Clark Street Bridge (SATB, words by Carl Sandburg, 2013) sheet music - recording (instrumental)

The First Spring Day (SATB, words by Christina Rossetti, 2013) - MP3

It Is Enough (SATB, Scottish prayer, 2013) - MP3 (instrumental)

The Path That Leads To Nowhere (SATB, words by Corinne Roosevelt Robinson, 2009)

Standards Must Be Maintained (SATB, 2016) - written for Guy Davidson

Here Comes The Light* (SATB with piano, 2018)

The Madrigal Cycle (Price: $1.25 per copy)

(videos show performances by My Lady's Chamber, and open in a new window)

I Feel The Burst Of Spring* (SATB, 2008) - Video

The Dragons of Summer* (SATB, 2010) - Video

Harvest The Moonlight* (SATB, 2008) - Video

Is Winter Not A Friend?* (SATB, 2010) - Video

Nonesuch* (SATB, 2011) - Video

*Words by Gil Jaysmith

SATB - Popular Arrangements

A Million Dreams, from The Greatest Showman (SATB with piano) - sheet music

Her Voice, from The Little Mermaid (SATB with piano) - sheet music

Holding Out For A Hero (SATB with piano) - sheet music

Let The River Run, featured in Working Girl (SSATTB) - sheet music

Mr. Blue Sky (SATB with piano) - sheet music
Rewrite The Stars (SATB with piano) - sheet music

Sloop John B (SSATTB) - sheet music

Walk Like An Egyptian (SSATTB) - sheet music

SATB - Christmas Arrangements

Coventry Carol (SATB) - sheet music - recording*
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (SATB) - sheet music - recording*
Wexford Carol (SATB) - sheet music - recording*

*recordings provided by Aerhyn Lau, of Aerhyn's Acapella Advent

SAB / SATB - Folk Songs 

Charlie Is My Darling (SAT or SATB)

Danny Boy (SAB)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel (SAATTB) - recording (instrumental)

Flow Gently, Sweet Afton (SAB)

Molly Malone (SAB or SATB)
Nobody Knows De Trouble I See (SAB)

The Rose Of Tralee (SAB) - see also SSAA

Steal Away (SAB)

Skye Boat Song (SAB or SATB)

Ye Banks And Braes (SAB)

Last updated July 2019