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Pianist / Music Director

In addition to her professional skill and attitude, Sarah brings an honest passion and interest in the musical theatre genre to her work. Though trained and skilled as a musician, she is highly supportive and understanding to the needs of the actor. She has a complete and well-informed knowledge of musical theatre composition and theory and understands the expectations of a score and how it works as a story telling device. On a more personal level, I trust Sarah as a fellow colleague, equal and mentor.
- Kevin Michael Cripps, Music Director and Instructor at Capilano University.

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Sarah Jaysmith. She is a gifted accompanist, a talented arranger, and a dream of a music director who inspires respect and affection among everyone she works with. On a personal level, I have found her kind, calm, intelligent, and reasonable, so she makes an ideal colleague.
- Ashley Lambert-Maberly, Director, The Broadway Chorus

I worked with Sarah as our accompanist for Ecole Pauline Johnson's production of "Oliver" (an elementary school in West Vancouver). She made us a practice CD and then came out for the last month's practices to play live for us. She is uber talented and VERY easy to work with. She has a great sense of humour and does everything she can to support the singers and their director (me). Would work with her again in a heartbeat.  Any group would be extremely lucky to have her on their music team.
- Christine Abrams, Music and Band Teacher at Ecole Pauline Johnson and Cypress Park

Sarah Jaysmith is one of the most generous kind collaborators I have ever met. I call her a collaborator because when she plays music and comes together with others she inhabits the spirit of collaboration. She is giving and flexible. She is creative and steady, listening, incorporating ideas and supporting the whole rather than demanding the small. I have been blessed to have worked with such a brilliant exceptional highly skilled musician. I would recommend her to anyone who really wants to have the best.
- Helena Fleming

Sarah not only was an excellent rehearsal pianist, she arranged and taught vocal harmonies and provided individual vocal assistance to anyone who needed it.
Sarah is extremely patient, generous with her time and is excellent at pinpointing and adapting to a singer?s strengths and limitations. I really appreciated her professionalism and her dedication to making everyone sound fantastic.

- Linda Sum

I have known Sarah since she became Musical Director of 'The Broadway Chorus'. Upon her arrival, the calibre of the singing has improved by leaps and bounds because she listens and corrects and makes us the best we can be. She doesn't stand for bad manners and will speak up if people are talking and not listening and that makes a huge difference. She cares so we care.
She also does arrangements, so the songs have more harmony and sound amazing. Her and Gil's skills at composing  songs and lyrics are wonderful and I hope someone takes note of this one day. David Foster are you listening?

Sarah is also a terrific singing coach and my voice has improved and grown stronger with her training.
Thank you Sarah!
- Gayle Swain

Singing Teacher / Vocal Coach (on hiatus as of 2018)

I just want to say thank you again for how much you helped me. In just 2 sessions you got me exactly where I had to be. To use a cliche phrase with utter sincerity, I couldn't have done it without you!
- Catherine Fergusson

Sarah is a phenomenal teacher. Her technical knowledge is immediately evident, and she knows how to explain her diagnosis and recommended exercises in ways that make the most sense for each individual student. But even more than her technical mastery, what shines through is Sarah's gift for teaching. She gently coaches, encourages, mentors and challenges her students, creating a completely safe environment where everyone, regardless of experience, can find their voice. She not only builds voices, she builds confidence.
- Sarah Vollett

Sarah Jaysmith is a deeply experienced, encouraging and patient teacher, who makes voice lessons fun, inspiring and educational and not the slightest bit intimidating. My range and tonal quality have improved leaps and bounds since I've begun working with her!
- Annie Reid, writer

I can honestly say that Sarah Jaysmith has changed my voice, and improved it beyond what I thought was possible. She is a patient and inspiring teacher, and had me working muscles in my throat that I didn?t even know existed. Her encouragement and humour makes each lesson an excellent experience. Beyond her teaching abilities, she is a talented composer, a powerful performer, and a fantastic accompanist. I feel fortunate to know such a multi-faceted and talented musician, and luckier still to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
- Kim Palmer

Sarah is a wonderful singing teacher.  In the time that we have worked together, I have noticed an improvement in the clarity of my voice, my vocal range and my overall confidence.  The vocal exercises and Sarah's attention to detail have helped me to become more aware of proper technique.  As a result, I am a stronger singer.  Sarah is extremely knowledgable and passionate about music.  She teaches with confidence and humour and is very encouraging.  In addition, her tips on performing have been invaluable during auditions and performances.
- Deirdre Bain

My lessons with Sarah have given my voice much more ease and stability. Even in less than ideal situations - like at the end of a long show week - I know I can depend on my instrument in a way I've never been able to before I worked with Sarah.
- Kate Douglass

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