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Sarah Jaysmith

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Sarah Jaysmith is a composer, pianist and music director, based for many years in Vancouver, Canada, and now back in Ireland. She is now also learning programming! Stay on this page for information about Sarah's musical career, or head over to programming for more information on her new adventure!

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Sarah's two compositional loves are choral music and musical theatre. She has composed and arranged many works for choir, and has also composed two musicals (Waking Dreams and One Plus One) and written the music for over sixty songs. You can see a list of her compositions and arrangements here. Please see the ordering page if you are interested in purchasing Sarah's music for performance.

Sarah's SSAA arrangement of Gartan Mother's Lullaby was published by Pavane Publishing in 2016, after being premiered by Elektra Women's Choir. Elektra (under the direction of Morna Edmundson) also commissioned Sarah to arrange "Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella", which was published by Cypress Choral Publishing in 2019. Both pieces were premiered at their Christmas concert, Chez Nous, in 2015.

In 2015, Sarah's piece "The First Spring Day" was premiered by the MacMillan Singers of the University of Toronto, under the direction of Dr. Hilary Apfelstadt. This piece was performed later in the year by the Sainte-Anne Singers of Montreal, under the direction of Margo Keenan. "Nonesuch" was premiered in March 2015 by the Freudig Singers of Western New York, directed by Roland E. Martin.

Sarah was a semi-finalist in the Sorel Medallion Choral Composition Competition 2012-13 (with "Nonesuch"), and her piece "The First Spring Day" achieved honorable mention in the 2013 Novi Cantori Call for Scores.

Recently, Sarah's choral pieces have been read by musica intima, Elektra Women's Choir, and the Vancouver Chamber Choir as part of their new music reading initiatives. She has also written a piano instrumental piece, Ontogenesis, for ODE Arts Movements' Pockets of Light.

Sarah is an experienced and sympathetic accompanist and a fluent sightreader, and is comfortable accompanying auditions, exams, recitals and shows. She is also an award-winning music director - she is the resident music director of The Broadway Chorus, and  credits for other companes include Spamalot (The Lawyer Show), and Forbidden Broadway (Fighting Chance Productions). If you would like to know more about what it is like to work with Sarah, please read her testimonials.

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